Online Ordering

The new website is moving along great. We can’t wait to unveil the shopping cart. Although we will not ship, you will have the ability to pick up at the farm or arrange delivery.

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3 Responses to Online Ordering

  1. Cindy Newman says:

    Hi, I am interested in your pricing for your beef and chicken. Need beef bones also for making bone broth. Chicken necks and backs along with chicken feet (for my dog). My daughter met Doug at the farmer’s market in Iowa City. I live in Chadwick Il and have a very hard time finding grass fed beef. Am very excited about finding out about your farm!

  2. Kathleen Lane says:

    Looking for a Cedar Rapids outlet for your products.

    Kathleen Lane

    • rapidcreekadmin says:

      We have our products available at the Red Barn Market, on the corner of Wiley and Johnson. This place is a gem on the southwest side. We are also feverishly working on the online store. Check back often for updates.

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